All About Avocado

Avocado FreshEnergy

Avocados: their properties, tips to use them to their full potential, in your dishes… and a little, good old myth busting. “Superfood”? Not totally. Avocado here, avocado there, avocado everywhere. For a few years, especially in certain food trend scenes, the western world and Italians have “discovered” avocados and seem like they can’t get enough […]

“Mysterious” Kefir

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“Good and Healthy” for five thousand years: what is Kefir, how do you prepare it, how is it used and what are its (real) benefits. Let’s talk about Kefir! If something is considered “good and healthy” , for millennia, maybe even before writing was around, there must be some truthful basis to it, don’t you […]

Balance in a Dish

Fresh Energy Piatti Equilibrati

A balanced dish: create your own “healthy and good” dishes, without giving up flavor and…going nuts! Here are my tips and also, some useful “hacks and tricks”. Today, we’ll go over a really important subject, for those who want to reap the benefits of following a healthy diet and support an active and positive lifestyle, […]

“Super” Bowl!

Bowl - Fresh Energy

The guide to the good and healthy “bowl”, that is captivating Italians Let’s talk about Bowls! The great thing about stereotypes, is that it’s really easy to disprove and dismantle them. For example: if some (especially those looking in from the outside), think that “Italian” cuisine is only made up of spaghetti, pizza and lasagna, […]